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Partners4Innovation offers Advisory and Coaching services to businesses and Public Administrations to support them in the process of Digital Transformation and Entrepreneurial Innovation.



Consilia, through an integrated approach, a flexible structure and a very sharp professional skill, Consilia offers, to their own Customers, consulting and training services in the following areas:
• Health & Safety at work
• Environment
• Human resource development
Conslila also supports their own Customers in all services related to the financing of the consulting and training.


Edinform deals in health and safety and environmental compliance management systems. In this scope it offers services of:

- Modeling, start-up and launching applications;

- Identification and updating of applicable rules and their contextualization;

- Survey Management (systems and fulfillment);

- Regulatory compliance audits (documentary and operational).


Risk Management and Actuarial + Strategic Consulting proposes quantitative risks analysis and economical-actuarial evaluations that are preparatory for the choice of treatments, management and control of the best strategies, facing the risks. Analysis and evaluation could be directed to specific risks categories (Operating, financial, etc.) practically to the whole sort of risks, using the typical Enterprise Risk management approach.


MM Group, with its divisions deals with: research and selection of qualified personnel, hard and soft skill training projects, compulsory training and consulting for businesses and human resources.

MM Reseach: Research and selection of qualified staff, Head Hunting and assessment center.

MM Training: Compulsory courses (Privacy, H & S, H.A.C.C.P.) and other training courses.

MM Retail: Qualified Retail Selection Retail, GDO / GDS, Mystery Shopping, Master and Retail Retail Courses.

MM Service: Core Business Integration Services (EmployAbility, Model of Skills, Occupational Safety, H.A.C.C.P. and Food Hygiene)


Protection Trade, is a company specialized in Corporate Compliance, Systems Management and Risk Management since 2001, specializing in the dissemination and realization of ethical and compliant best practices that enable its customers, through a process of streamlining and simplifying internal processes, reduce legal and financial risks while at the same time increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of managing their business.